About Us


What is The Marlow Card?

The card is a membership for people who love to eat out, shop and do things in Marlow. The card itself will give you some amazing deals and offers at some of the towns favourite independent businesses, many of the deals are exclusive to card holders! Support local independent business whilst saving money. You can also use it in Henley!


Why should I sign up?

We love everything local and also very passionate about our town and we are sure many of you are too. We understand that many of you want to help out independent business but are sometimes tempted to shop at a chain or big business as they can sometimes be cheaper than an independent. With this card you will be getting lots of discounts off many of Marlow's favourite shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, beauty parlours, home based businesses and more.  


How much does it cost me to sign up?

We appreciate that many businesses do offer discounts here and there or maybe a loyalty scheme to get your 10th coffee free etc. We however have gone the extra step and have been working with the business owners to give you exclusive discounts that only card holders can get that are tailored to the people of Marlow and surrounding area. The cost of the card is £10 per year (That's only 83p per month!) Even if you only get one cup of coffee a week, a haircut once a month and maybe go out once or twice for food a drinks in the month you will save that back straight away and will also be helping out our local businesses.